What Our Members Say

“Our firm has benefited greatly by being a member of JHI for over 25 years. The benefits come in the form of being able to learn how others run their practices covering items from internal management, staff recruiting, marketing and promotion, partnership structures and client bases.

We have developed a great source of knowledge and working relationships through the personal connections we make at regional, international and special interest conferences. This has allowed us to seek advice on behalf of our clients from the people with the knowledge in the areas our clients are interested in. It has also helped us to develop and use our own skills in areas that we might have shied away from before. Listening to others that have stepped out and gone after a certain line of business really gives you the desire to do the same.

Our primary reason for joining was not to receive referrals.  However, we have obtained some very good work through JHI and have also been able to pass work onto others. If you were to ask us whether we would want to be a CPA firm today without the JHI connection, we would definitely say no.”
Blair Davidson, McCay Duff LLP, Canada

"Being a part of JHI has permitted us to have more credibility as an accounting firm in El Salvador, thus supporting a steady growth in the market.  We really feel that at JHI everyone cares about individuals in the association´s member firms. We are very satisfied with our membership."
Anibal Elías, Elías & Asociados, El Salvador

"The ability to be a part of one of the best international networks of business consultants is really appreciated by our clients. We can truly rely on individuals in each firm and this builds trust among members. Attending JHI conferences and events is the best way of building trust among members. Each of us should ask not what JHI can do for you, but what you can do for JHI."
Emili Batlle Molina, AddVANTE, Spain

"Tax advisers and auditors of the 21st century cannot march blindly to the rhythm of changing times. Globalization is here! It is absolutely necessary to serve client’s needs with the help of competent partners all over the world. It is a great pleasure to work together with friends from JHI to solve international tax and audit issues."
Brigitta Promberger, MGI-Group, Austria

"Our membership of JHI enables us to refer our clients doing business overseas to trusted members of the JHI network in whom we have complete confidence. The extensive spread of JHI member firms allows us to network with other professionals in various countries to keep abreast of changes in taxation, audit and financial reporting regulations. We have also received referrals from member firms in the United States, Hong Kong, Australia and Singapore."
Kevin Wilson, HWI Limited, New Zealand

"For us, it is important to be part of JHI's international network to assist our clients in business development and also to develop our capacity to deliver audit and tax work internationally. From its early days, Steens & Partners has recognised the vital need for international cooperation and networking, which is why it has continued to be such an active member of JHI."
Ad Kraaijeveld, Steens & Partners, The Netherlands

"Rapid globalisation, the growing importance of the EU and the burgeoning growth of the internet as a business medium add an international dimension to many businesses. Our business is built on successful partnership, networking and communication—qualities that JHI is founded upon. I very much look forward to working with JHI colleagues both in the Europe and beyond to develop our businesses."
Alan Bell, Adbell International Limited, UK

 "Membership in JHI adds credibility to Jeffreys Henry and all our member firms. It gives us a leg up over other organisations and firms outside this group by embracing the high quality and ethical standards required of membership."
Mark Tenzer, Jeffreys Henry LLP, England

"I believe that being at the conferences is absolutely essential for any member. You can look other delegates in the eye and build personal friendships. If you don't attend, people don't get to know you. And, as they say, people do business with people they know."
Tony Kelly, Byrne Curtin Kelly, Ireland