Lessons Learned to be a Perfect Firm

By Magdalena Sitohang of Salaki & Salaki (Jakarta, Indonesia)

There is always a valuable lesson from everything, every day. This principle applies in my life until now, including my role as an employee. Although, for that role, I need a harder effort to leave my comfort zones. I am also required to be observant, and try to see things from a different perspective – not merely from my point of view. That’s proven from my experience of 12 Days attending JHI conference and interning at Charts Partners in Brisbane, Australia. Read more click here....

Where the Perfect Firm was Born

By Oki Merina of Salaki & Salaki (Jakarta, Indonesia)

The first question came up in my head when my company offered me the opportunity to attend JHI Conference in Brisbane, “Why should I attend this conference”? Here is my own experience. Continue reading click here.


JHI Member Firms' Cooperation = Expanding Business in Global Markets

The client

Reivax S/A is a leading manufacturer of control systems used in power generating plants. Established in Brazil in 1987, it decided on expansion into the North American market several years go, using Canada as the base of its engineering and sales organization

The issue

The client required close accounting and management control over its Canadian subsidiary, while keeping its administrative overheads low during the building of the business in North America

The solution

JHI member firms RSW Accounting + Consulting (Canada) and Martinelli Advocacia Empresarial (Brazil) identified the most appropriate legal structure for the client, based on its growth ambitions in the region, and appropriate commercial, tax and banking structures. They worked closely together to ensure that the administrative and reporting systems used in Canada will be useful for the client to monitor the activities of the Canadian subsidiary

The outcome

A Canadian subsidiary company was established with the mandate to sell the client’s engineering and control solutions to companies throughout North America. By RSW providing full back office administrative services to the Canadian company, the client was able to devote virtually all its resources to customer facing activities, reaching profitability within a short period of time.

JHI’s member firms have provided ongoing audit and administrative accounting support to Reviax S/A since then.

The client’s view

“North America represents a fast-growing and increasingly important part of our business. We therefore need to be sure that our operations are structured in a way that provides effective oversight from the centre without unduly compromising local management’s autonomy and flexibility. It is a model we can use to plan the company’s expansion to other global markets.

JHI provides us with easy access to the support we need – local knowledge and advice that is based on a sound understanding of management’s needs and objectives.”