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Event dates: 
19 October, 2017 - 20 October, 2017

Session Details:

Thursday, October 19, 2017

What’s Happening at Your Firm (3.5 hours)

This is the first session of the conference and allows all of the delegates to introduce themselves. After

introductions, each delegate provides in detail all of the new projects and ongoing work they have accomplished throughout the year.

  • What new hardware was deployed?
  • What new software are you using?
  • What innovative solution did you provide to a specific challenge?
  • How has this solution increased the efficiencies in your office?
  • Did you experience any failures? What did you learn from them?
  • How did your work effect change in the office?
  • How did your work allow for better client relations?

Each delegate has as long as they wish to answer these questions, while everyone else is free to ask the delegate follow-up questions. Prior to the conference, delegates are encouraged to prepare a list of what they have completed throughout the year.


Microsoft Update (1.5 Hours)

Windows 10 is now over two years old. Office 365 has made it to the mainstream. Microsoft is exploring Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. While tax software from the major vendors is our lifeblood, Microsoft still plays the role of the backbone. This session look at what is happening with Microsoft.

Surviving a Malware Attack and other Security Nightmares (1.5 Hours)

It has been all over the news lately. Malware has moved far away from being just a nuisance and has become a legitimate threat to the security of the office. What experiences have you seen with Malware? What precautions are you employing from your department to prevent your files from being compromised? This session will look at all of these topics.


Friday, October 20, 2017

Technology Toolkit (3.5 Hours)

This is probably the most popular module of the conference. Each delegate is given the opportunity to discuss the new gadgets and devices, software utilities and tips and tricks that they use to make their everyday tasks better.

  • What mobile devices are typically found in your firm?
  • How are tablets being used by your staff/partners? Are they being used for business purposes?
  • What apps do you use?
  • What devices do you send out with your accountants when they work in the field?
  • What kind of Scanners/Printers/Network Devices/Phones does your firm use?
  • What devices have you stopped using? What did you replace them with?
  • How does your firm receive large client files in a secure and efficient matter from clients?
  • What digital/cloud-based services does your firm subscribe to? How do they help?
  • Which vendors are you buying your equipment from?
  • How do you manage your software licensing?

It is during these discussions that the delegates can get an apples-to-apples view of the tools they use and the cost comparisons. Delegates freely speak about costs and find ways to reduce their firm’s technology expenses. IT Professionals also get to see another perspective on how to tackle a problem they have likely faced.

Creating the Best User Experience (1.5 Hours)

Being an IT Professional, especially in an accounting firm is more than just fixing and patching, it is about getting your users to be the most efficient they can be. Creating a user experience that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to use, easy to learn and extremely functional is just as important as the software you install. Not all users are created equal, but certainly there are way to appeal to everyone.

During this session, we will examine what each firm does to bring the best user experience to our professionals. From our clone images, to dealing with individual departments, this session will provide different perspectives in creating the ultimate user experience.


Random Topics for Random Tasks (1.5 Hours)

This session will be the catch-all for any other topics that crop up during the course of the IT Conference.

Having a problem figuring something out – now is the time to ask the group! Banging your head against the wall? Need a different perspective? Discovered something awesome you want to share? Bring it on!

 To download a PDF of the conference agenda click here.

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